Fender Honors Steve Lacy with Signature “People Pleaser” Stratocaster

Fender honors Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, and producer Steve Lacy with his own signature guitar: the Steve Lacy “People Pleaser” Stratocaster®.

The Stratocaster, suitably coined the “People Pleaser” – that was named for his trendsetting reputation, crowd-pleasing sounds, and stage looks – showcases Steve’s evolution from a hungry musician into a chart-topping artist and guitarist through its distinctive, vintage-inspired design elements, and ability to create a mirage of sounds. 

Key Features: 

  • Player plus noiseless pickups – The new Fender Player Plus Noiseless pickups deliver crystal clear high-end, throaty mids and fat low-end – all without the hum.
  • Fuzz circuit – Activated using the S1 switch, the custom Steve Lacy Chaos Fuzz delivers aggressive distorted tones for howling chords and solos.
  • Vintage-style synchronized tremolo – One of our most innovative designs, this two-screw tremolo offers proper intonation, full adjustability and easy access to cool vibrato sounds.
  • The Steve Lacy sound – The Steve Lacy Stratocaster goes from Steve’s soulful, R&B tones to his outrageous singing solo sounds and everything in-between.
  • What makes it unique, including a custom neck plate and trem cover that are stamped with Steve’s original artwork, a back plate with a unique blue and green checkered pattern, and a custom dice inlay that provides a subtle, visual motif to denote Steev’s signature touch