IBANEZ : Roadcore Series Expands with Single Coil Models

The Roadcore Series has been embraced by players from a variety of genres for its incredible tone, it’s comfortable, familiar feel, and the unique charm of its retro-influenced body style. This year the Roadcore sonic palate expands with the addition of the RC430, a three single-coil design with trem bridge, and the RC465HM semi-hollow body … Lire la suite

IBANEZ : 2015’s Newest 7-string Models Await Your Inspection

As the first company to build a production model 7-string solid body electric guitar, Ibanez has once again proven themselves as an industry innovator and leader. From very affordable 7-string GIO models, to the sterling craftsmanship of our Japanese-built 7-string Prestige artist signature models, Ibanez has provided fearlessly adventurous players with instruments to express their … Lire la suite

Les Paul Reference Monitors

Gibson Brands, Inc. continues to honor the roots of Les Paul, who first pioneered the solid-body electric guitar and multi-track recording. The sound engineer, the producer, the musician, or the fan who loves a great listening experience, all share one dream: to have a reliable reference speaker that they trust and enjoy in the studio … Lire la suite