Les Paul Reference Monitors

Gibson Brands, Inc. continues to honor the roots of Les Paul, who first pioneered the solid-body electric guitar and multi-track recording. The sound engineer, the producer, the musician, or the fan who loves a great listening experience, all share one dream: to have a reliable reference speaker that they trust and enjoy in the studio … Lire la suite

The Gibson USA 2015 Lineup : Continuing the Innovation of Les Paul

Gibson USA is dedicated to creating the ultimate playing experience through innovation and continuous improvement. From the very beginning, Orville Gibson was committed to this ideal. His vision has been carried on by a number of passionate, creative designers, luthiers and master craftsmen – from Lloyd Loar to Les Paul – to today. It is … Lire la suite

Gibson Collectors Choice Les Pauls

If you hanker for player history and possibly the ultimate Les Paul, Gibson’s Collector’s Choice™ is where it’s at. Courtesy of the famed luthiers at Gibson Custom, these are precise replicas of some of the greatest Gibson Les Pauls in history – mostly ’58-’60 bursts, but others too. Here’s a quick 101 on just a … Lire la suite

Paul Personne en concert le 20 janvier 2015 à l’Olympia !

Son nom est Personne. La presse s’en amuse lorsqu’elle titre un article sur le plus connu des bluesmen francais. PAUL PERSONNE est de retour après plus de 3 ans d’absence à Paris sur l’une des scènes mythiques de la capitale et pas n’importe laquelle : ce sera l’Olympia qui l’accueillera mardi 20 janvier 2015 ! … Lire la suite