Fender today released the Eric Johnson « Virginia » Stratocaster guitar with the Grammy® award winning artist Eric Johnson. As part of this unique collaboration with the singer, songwriter and guitarist, Fender has recreated Johnson’s 1954 “Virginia” Stratocaster in the Fender Custom Shop in limited quantity and on the Fender Corona production line for one year only. … Lire la suite

Fender launches American Ultra Series, the most advanced modern guitar from Fender

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation today announced the launch of the American Ultra Series, the most-advanced modern guitar from Fender. An evolution of American Elite – Fender’s premier electric series that launched in January 2016 – the American Ultra Series boasts all-new modern features, state-of-the-art craftsmanship and nuanced design. Luxurious, sleek and cutting-edge, this series sets … Lire la suite

Danelectro vintage inspired Eisenhower Fuzz and The Breakdown

As a brand, Danelectro has always been a cult favorite amongst musicians who today, can enjoy modern adaptations of original, classic Dano guitars. Guitars that replicate so many inspirational guitar lines from a company that dates back to the 1950’s, when Sears approached Nathan Daniel to make an affordable electric guitar.  The rest as they say….really is ‘history’ and Nat’s original … Lire la suite

Fender launches Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix Signature Strat ‘Izabella’

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today announced the launch of its newest artist model addition: the Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix TM Stratocaster; it honours rock legend Jimi Hendrix on the eve of the 50 th anniversary of Woodstock, where he delivered one of the most-iconic performances in rock music that amplified the voice of a … Lire la suite

Supro reissues legendary Ozark guitar

Supro has recreated one of the most iconic guitars from its long, storied history: the Ozark. Most famous as Jimi Hendrix’s first electric (purchased in about 1959 at Myers Music Shop in Seattle by Jimi’s father Al), the late-50’s Ozark was also renowned as a slide guitar. Historically accurate body dimensions and 25” scale length—as … Lire la suite

First signature model in D’Angelico’s solid-body The Deluxe Bob Weir Bedford

The first signature model in D’Angelico’s solid-body collection and the next chapter in an American music legend’s career of innovation, the Deluxe Bob Weir Bedford is a « nice piece of work. » Packed with Weir’s concept of a bright and clear tonal powerhouse, the Bob Weir Bedford features two Stacked Seymour Duncan P-90s with a Lollar … Lire la suite

New Gretsch G6131-MY Malcolm Young Signature Jet

Gretsch honors the late Malcolm Young, whose rock-solid rhythm guitar swagger and songwriting provided the unshakable foundation for monumental rock titans AC/DC. The G6131-MY pays homage to Young’s famously battle-hardened Gretsch Jet. Nicknamed “The Beast,” Malcolm certainly made the instrument his own, not least by removing two of the three pickups, stripping away the finish, … Lire la suite


Fender Musical Instruments Corporation(FMIC) today announced it is collaboratingwith one of rock’s most legendary guitar players –Jimmy Page – to recreate his famous 1959 Fender Telecaster 50 years after Led Zeppelin formed in October 1968. Among music’s most iconic guitars is Jimmy Page’s Telecaster, known for its two “mirror” and “dragon” designs. It helped launchPage’s career … Lire la suite

New Electro-Harmonix Grand Canyon Delay and Looper

The Grand Canyon is EHX’s most advanced multifunction delay and looper pedal. It’s equipped with 12 effect types plus a fully featured looper capable of recording and overdubbing the Grand Canyon’s effects. USA STREET PRICE: $249.00 Shipping Mid October. It delivers… 12 effect types with programmable presets Up to three seconds of delay time Tap tempo … Lire la suite